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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Individual and Group Training with UEFA "A" License Professional Soccer Coach and former pro player, Zoran Lomic
Field Players and Goalkeepers


Players with aspirations to play High School, College or Professional soccer should be engaged in regular, independent training for fitness as well as vital individual skills such as body control, balance, foot speed, first step quickness, agility, linear speed mechanics, flexibility and more. Another vital skill and developed habit is learning to take care of the body from the inside as well. Through healthy eating and getting all the right nutrients for peak performance. The personal level would be dependent on time of year and club activity levels.

As a former pro player, I lived and experienced what it takes to develop in a professional way. As a coach, with extensive experience and
knowledge, I train players with a professional based philosophy in mind.

I schedule sessions for a time and location that suits both the player and me. Sessions usually last 60 mins in duration and players will be trained in technical and tactical areas of soccer. The player can request to work on certain areas for their game or you can let me assess your skill, your playing position and your physical attributes and we will identify training needs.

Individual Training
These sessions are designed to offer a more individual approach to training. Players benefit from a session uniquely tailored to their individual skills and needs. I work with the player to build players strengths, minimize weaknesses, and reach the player's personal goals and potential.

Small Group Training
I offer the opportunity for small groups to develop specific skills and methods of play. These sessions are designed to concentrate on the individuals' needs, in addition to incorporating small game-like situations.
This option is a great mix of individual attention and small group coaching. Groups can be made of team-mates looking to work on a specific tactical aspect of play, or just practice their own technique in challenged situations.

How often should you do private soccer training?

I recommend to do private training regularly twice a week. However, depending on your personal goals and level of activity with your team, private soccer training can be scheduled more often. Under special circumstances, such as a tryout or an important game/tournament, I would suggest more intensive schedule of training sessions. In order to see major improvements, private training should be maintained for at least 6 months.
The fundamental skills that are emphasized during training sessions, which are essential to perfect ball mastery, are listed below:
  • Skills
    • Control, trapping, juggling, moves, turns, 1vs1
  • Defending
    • Delay in defending, pressure when defending, pressure, cover, balance
  • Dribbling
    • Body balance, contact with surface of the foot, change of direction and speed, setting up a defender, protecting the ball, vision
  • Passing
    • Body mechanics, balance, weight of the pass, accuracy of the pass, vision
  • Receiving
    • Body mechanics, body position and balance, get into line of flight of the ball, proper selection of controlling surface to use, importance of first touch to control and prepare the ball, vision
  • Shooting
    • Control of body, body position and balance, eye on the ball, quality of preparation touch, choice of foot surface, accuracy, placement vs. power
  • Heading
    • Eye on the ball - read flight of the ball, body in line of flight, area of contact, use of upper body and legs to generate power, timing of jump to attack ball at highest point, flick-ons, placement
  • Goalkeeping
    • Shot stopping
      • Body mechanics, footwork, “getting set”, “soft hands”
    • Diving Area
      • Body and diving shape, attack the ball, diving progression
    • Distribution
      • Selection of distribution, starting the attack
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Pricing & Booking
$60 per player for 1 individual training
$40 per player for 2 player small group training
$35 per player for 3 player small group training
$25 per player for 4 player small group training
5 or more players please contact me

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